Growing up in the lower-estrato barrios of Medellin, Colombia, Marisa Garcia de Gomez begins married life young, with a budding career as a spa worker and beauty consultant. She dreams of someday living in a better neighborhood, maybe without any worries about money.


Two years later, now a single mother, she receives an invitation to a friendly client’s wedding gala in Japan. But a nasty surprise awaits—Marisa’s friend trades her for release on a debt to the Yakuza, which Marisa will be forced to pay by working as a dancer in the teatros—the sex clubs.


Twelve hours a day, she bares her body to strangers and must allow numerous men to violate her if she wants to survive. Halfway around the world, her family is threatened if she doesn’t cooperate. How did her life spiral to this depth and what hope does she have she can ever escape?

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